Dialogue: What’s Not Being Said

What are you not saying?

What are you not saying?

One of the misconceptions of writing is that you have to say everything the character is thinking. But most of you know that isn’t true. I’ve thought about this for a while, connecting the fact that dialogue can show more than what your character’s say. It speaks for what the character’s not saying as well.

Dialogue Choice

What your characters say or doesn’t say can mean something for your readers. Are the characters hiding something? Are they shy or hesitant? Are they liars?

The phrasing of a thought or the hidden words from your character’s fumbling sentence can show a lot.

How It Can Enhance Your Writing

1. You can create edgy characters who hide what they really mean by only choosing select words or phrases

2. It allows your characters to use more gestures and other body language to show what they really mean or how they really feel.

An example of this would be a shy character fumbling with his words when trying to ask out a hot girl. You describe his body language as fidgeting, sweating, and his words are incoherent but the readers understands how your character feels in other ways than dialogue alone.

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