How To Write Fiction Part 1 of 4: Theme

In this video I talk the importance of having an overall message when writing your book. This would be the takeaway message that the readers believe the book is really about.

This goes further than the story  description itself. It what makes your story relatable and stands out and makes your reader more likely to have a personal connection with.

I also talk about the “so what” question and how it applies to your story. You don’t want your readers thinking “so what?” after reading your book. This goes back to the importance of theme and why writers need to make sure their book is important and not a waste of time for their readers.

Think about what you want your readers to takeaway when they’ve finished reading your book. Are they going to feel empowered to change the world, find true love, believe in themselves or become independent. These ideas are themes that your book can give to your readers that will have them rereading your books and have them coming back to you for more.

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