“When Love Hurts” Is Free For Valentine’s Day Weekend!

Hi, Everyone!

I know what you’re thinking…”What is Shaquanda posting right before the weekend?” Well, the answer is simple…When Love Hurts is now Free on Amazon! I just wanted to let you know just in case you haven’t picked it up yet and wanted to give it a no risk try.

So far it has hit Number 1 in two categories sections under free: African-American Literature and African-American Romance. (click to enlarge pics)












I never really considered it a literature type of book but hey. 🙂

So the free promotion was a Valentine’s Day promo and started from Thursday (V-Day) and will go up until Sunday at midnight.

I know a lot of authors say that a free promotion works best if the readers have another book to buy of yours but my second book isn’t available yet. My goals of the promotion is to hook more readers into the series and to build my mailing list. After the promotion the book will go back to $2.99, which is still a good deal compared to print books.

I will be posting this weekend or Monday telling a full round-up of how the promotion went and if I will do it again.

If you want to get your free copy of When Love Hurts now, please click here.


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