Why Being Weird is Good

Being weird is different. It’s unique. It’s you. Every one calls me weird and you know what? I don’t mind.

It means I’m different. It means I’m really being myself and that’s really the only person I should try to be.

Why weird is good

-makes you unique

-nobody likes “normal”

-you stand out from the crowd

-you’re seen as courage for being yourself

Everyone has something weird about them like what they say or what they do. You are not the only weirdo in the world. Let the weirdos unite!

Embrace your weirdness

-be silly sometimes

-say something that some people will disagree with

-let go of your fears

-be you

How being weird can benefit you

-you come off as more relatable and human to readers and people

– people connect to people who are imperfect

– it opens up your creativity


What other tips can you think of that make being weird a good thing? Is being weird a bad thing to you?  How are you weird?

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Hello, my name is Shaquanda Dalton and welcome to Learnasyouwrite.com! A little about myself, I'm 20, I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and am a Sohomore at the University of Wisonsin-Milwaukee. I love writing and have written short stories and simple works since I was nine years old. I have a cute cate named Joey who loves to scratch and bite on his good days.

  • Yoneco Evans

    Imperfect and weird characters are my favorite.

    • Shaquanda Dalton

      Yes, I agree. I feel they add dept to the character instead of the character being flat and average which is boring.

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