Taking Criticism Like A Champ

No one likes to be criticized for what they do especially if they believe their work is good and they put in their best efforts. I know I don’t like it. But Criticism for our writing is one of the important things writers’ need to get better. Yep, that means you need it too.

About two years ago I posted a book on Worthy of Publishing, which is a website similar to Wattpad that allows you to upload your book and people read it and tell you what they think about it. The book I uploaded was a two-part series and one reader got hold of part two and gave it 3 out of 5 stars because I wrote it as if she, the reader, already knew the story. Once I informed her that it was part two and not part 1 she withdrew that part of the commit.

She told me to give more scenery description and sensory details and even though it was a tough pill to swallow I did appreciate her advice. Sometimes when you write something and have a clear idea of what’s going on around your characters you don’t write it down in much detail believing the readers just knows what you’re talking about.

Don’t fall for that mistake like I did. Since her criticism, I took my writing a lot more seriously and got more into the mind of what the reader is actually picturing from what I wrote down instead of what I’m hoping they’re picturing.

This is where criticism can help you too so don’t be afraid to put your work out there for book reviews, peer reviews and editorial reviews.

Did it hurt my feelings when she made that comment? Yes, because I thought I did a near perfect job. When she showed me the area where I can improve it made me think, oh now I’m going to be an even better writer than I expected, thanks.

Yes, there are some real jerks out there and you can tell those jerks by the type of comments they make. Their comments are general, non specific and hateful. For those comments I think it’s best to ignore them because they might not even be from your target audience. And who wants that negativity?

For the critics that put a lot of thought in their review of your book and it’s a bad review don’t be too hard on yourself. Take their advice or ignore it and more on. Most likely they are giving their criticism to make you become a better writer by telling you what you messed up on.

You have to be able to separate your haters from your helpers. Criticism happens to everybody not just you.

Don’t let Criticism hinder your writing. You can not hurt your negative critics by not writing. Criticism is going to follow you wherever you go whether in books reviews or in real life. And the more reviews you have on your book the more likely negative ones will show up.

My advice for negative reviews: read it or listen to it, smile, consider it, dismiss it if it doesn’t apply, keep your head up and keep writing.

Thanks for reading and good luck on your writing journey,


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  1. Look at you posting on the weekend!

    First, it takes so much courage to share your writing with others. Bravo! Imagine how many writers will never be published because of that fear.

    Secondly, it’s good that you were able to see which of her comments were relevant and which weren’t. And that you didn’t take it personally. Nice post.

    • Shaquanda Dalton

      Thanks. I agree that you got to put yourself out there even though you don’t know what people may say about your writing. You have to take criticism at some point in your career so you got to start somewhere.

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