3 Great Reasons To Consider Self-Publishing

I know it has been your long time dream to have your book on a shelf at your favorite book store and it has been mine too. Having a book traditionally published has been the way to get your books into book stores. But times have changed and so have the publishing world.

What if the main reason you wanted to be a writer was to sell books and have people love it?

If selling you books directly to your readers is something you can get into then you may want to self-publish. In fact, there are 3 great reasons to self publish as opposed to trying to get traditionally published these days.

1. The Potential To Earn More Money

You sell and earn at your own pace without the pressure of a contract and you keep more of the money from each sell.

When or if you get a publishing deal with a major publishing house don’t expect to make more than 17% of each book sale.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad deal if you’re selling millions of books but most likely you won’t sell that many books even with a traditional publisher.

When you self publish, however, it’s up to you to market your book without any help from a big corporation. I’m not saying this to intimidate you but to be honest. You have to learn how to market your book and when you do it successfully you will sell your books.

Here’s a great article I found about learning to market your book. http://www.thecreativepenn.com/2011/12/20/book-marketing-bestselling-ebooks/

When you self publish you can earn between 60-100% of your sells depending on who you choose as your retailer or distributor. At Smashwords, for example, you get 70% or more for each sell of your ebook.

There are also print-on-demand distributors like LuLu and CreateSpace that are worth taking a look at as well.  One distributor I found called Book Baby that allows you to keep 100% of all revenue from your books but requires an upfront, one-time fee of $99.

Not so bad and definitely something to consider if your goal is to make more money.

2. More Control Over The Final Project

When you self publish your book you hire the book designer and editors and have the last say so over everything that happens in your book.  When you publish traditionally you basically sell the rights and the book company takes control with the final say so.

I think of self publishing as becoming your own boss with your own projects. The project really becomes yours when you make it the way you envisioned it to be and I don’t think anyone should take that away from you.

Yes, everyone is different and some people don’t mind having their book changed or controlled by somebody else. So it really depends on the person which way go with publishing.

3. It’s A Huge Confidence Builder

When you publish your own book your confidence will shoot up as well. This is because you are officially an author and you accomplished what many people say they want to do but don’t.

I’m not saying that before your book was published your confidence was low but publishing a book, especially your first one, gives you that well deserved pat on the shoulder.

When you publish traditionally you also get a confidence buster but it takes longer for your book to get published even after you’ve written it so your gratification reward comes later.


I grew up fearing rejection letters from publishers who wouldn’t like my book and think it couldn’t sell. However, I kept writing anyway determined I would get better over time and would be good enough for a publisher when I grew up.

Now I’m taking my dreams into my own hands and plan to self publish my first novel this year called Jaylen and Jessica. I’m commented to the hard work, money, and time it takes to publishing it because I know the outcome of holding the book I created would be one of the best moments in my life.

Thank you for reading and if you have any more reasons to self publish your novels let me know. Please comment.

Good luck with your projects and keep writing. 🙂


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