5 Habits to Increase Your Weekly Writing Productivity

Everyone needs a little boost when it comes to staying productive, and creating healthy habits can make a difference in completing your day-to-day writing goals. The longer you are committed to these habits, the easier and natural they become.

1.  Wake up early

This is a habit I’ll have no choice to start back up when school begins soon. Making a habit of waking up early to write can start your day off with you ahead of the game.

2.  Planning and Goal Setting

You can achieve a lot more by planning what you are going to ahead of time. This ensures you don’t forget anything and that you’re on the right track to meeting your long-term writing goals.

3.  Prioritizing

Make a habit of knowing what’s important in your life and career, and what can come second or third. Of course, personal things such as religious duties and family should be ranked higher than watching tv, for example.

4.  Sacrificing

You have to give up something that you want to do in order to do something you need to do.

Making a sacrifice is a choice you may come across every day as a writer but it is a great habit to start.

5.  Make connections

Connect with your other writer friends online or in person. You can learn a lot from people who do the same thing you love to do.

Follow writer blogs, talk to people on twitter, or meet people in person. One person doesn’t know everything and we can learn more from each other than we think.


What habits have you acquired over the years that helps your productivity? Did some things fail to work? Please, share your thoughts in the comments.

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