5 Tips To Staying Focused

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We all get distracted when it comes to writing and I hate it as much as you do. While I’m distracted I think nothing of it but when I look at the time I think “why the hell wasn’t I working? Where did the time go?”

So today on the blog, I’m going to list five ways I’ve learned to keep myself from being distracted. You’ll be surprised how much you can do by de-cluttering the noises in your life.

1. Cut Off The Electronics

Cut off the cell phone, tv, and anything that beeps or makes noises that can randomly distract you. The internet can be a great help in life but it can really kill your writing time if you get too caught up on other activities like social media when you should be focusing on your project.

We all tell ourselves we can multitask but deep down I think we’ve become addicted to technology and it’s hard to let them go even for two hours. Can you go a whole day without using electronics? Probably not but it is possible to go a few hours without them if you tried, especially if you’re not leaving home.

2. Have Monotone Background Music

If you can’t bare the quiet, turn on some classical or smoothing music like the sound of a waterfall or rainforest. These sounds don’t bring a lot of attention to themselves and it can make the room feel less quietly awkward.

3. Get Excited About Your Book

You should be writing a book you enjoy writing and if you can’t stay focused, start thinking about how cool your readers are going to think your book is. Get excited about the words you created and how the project is going to look when it’s finished. Get into the story by taking yourself on the journey like you don’t know what’s going to happen.

4. Be In A Secluded Area If Possible

The less people around you, the less tempted you are to talk to them or to be talked to. Also, when you’re around people and not doing what they’re doing you may take to people watching or wishing you could join in on whatever they’re doing.

5. Catch Yourself

You know when you’re slacking off so don’t just say ‘one more minute’ or ‘let me do this real quick’.  Recognize you’re being distracted and stop. Only you can really help yourself stay focused and the more focused you’re determined to be, the less distracted you’ll act.

Be Prepared

Try using these tips the next time you feel yourself being distracted easily. There is a reason you started the project in the first place and remembering your goals will make you more focused and determined. Good luck and happy writing.

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