5 Tips Writers Can Learn From Football

It’s right dab in the middle of the football preseason and football fans everywhere are enjoying this time of year right before the season kicks off.

So as my boyfriend and his mom yell at the living room tv it got me thinking. What can writers learn from football and here’s what I’ve come up with.

1. Combine

For football the combine is where scouts come to college football players workout sessions to see what talent is there. To see if they are professional NFL material and if so what position they will play. They examine their runs and jumps, throws, and speeds. They look at what works and what doesn’t work.

Writers do this as well in the viewpoint of the scouts. When writers read other people’s writing, whether it’s printed books, blog posts, or manuscripts they think about what they like and what they don’t like. They consider what works and what doesn’t and they learn from one another.

Take writing groups for example, when people critique each others’ work they look at how the words the author gave work together and how the story is as a whole.

2. Training Camp

Training camp is where the football teams go to get in shape and work together for the upcoming football season. It’s the time for serious practice and all team members take it very seriously.

Writers can take the need for responsibility from this. Showing up every day for practice takes the same amount of willpower to get up in the morning and write. Football players do it every day when at training camp because getting better is what they really want to do.

It’s the same thing for serious writers. We get up every day, tired, sleepy or grumpy and we write. This is because we have a goal we want to achieve and we just can’t help ourselves but to write.

3. Pre-Season

For football the pre-season is when the players stretch their athletic muscles against their competitors to see what players work in what positions and what don’t.

We have to do this in our writing as well. We have to cut out what doesn’t work and move words around. We want it to be the best we can make it so we test our writing with reviews to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s similar to proofreading and editing.

4.  Season

The regular football season is an exciting time for their fans. Each team plays a total of sixteen games and even though each team doesn’t make it to the playoffs each one gives it their all each game.

So what can writers learn from this?  Mainly, if your work doesn’t make the best sellers list it doesn’t mean that the book isn’t written well or that nobody likes it. It means that you should continue to give it your all and keep improving ourselves until you make our dreams come true.

5. Super Bowl (The Finale)

The Super Bowl is the grand finale ending the football season for the year. It’s debated to be the most exciting sports events to watch. The two teams that make it to the end fight it off for the grand prize: The Vince Lombardi Trophy.

What is your main goal as a writer? What is it that you want to reach at some point in your writing career? Is it having earned a certain amount of money? To be able to be a full time author? Is it selling a certain number of books or making a best sellers list?

Every writer has a goal they want deep down inside them whether it’s just to fulfill the urge of writing or to have people enjoy their work. Writers have goals and reaching their goals is the Super Bowl and walking away with the gold.

Take a look at your goals as a writer and think about what you want to accomplish in your Super Bowl season. Think about the steps it takes for you to get there: the combine, the training camp, the season and just go for it.

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