7 Tips to Boost Your Writing Career

Your Writing Career Matters

Your Writing Career Matters

Don’t take your writing career too lightly, and if you’re thinking about being serious then check out my 7 tips for making your writing career awesome. I’ve just started my writing career myself and these tips are what I found to be the most helpful.

1. Think 3 Steps Ahead

No matter what you do, always be ahead of the game. Whether it be your whole career or what you will put out in a single year. Have a yearly goal and know what you will write next before your current story is finished.

2. Remember How Bad You Want This

Don’t lose sight of why you wanted to be a writer no matter what that reason might be. Don’t lose focus, and try not to be a procrastinator.

3. Don’t Forget Downfalls Will Occur

No one wants them but every one has them. Just remember to stay focused and write good stories. And always remember to serve your readers.

4. Plan Your Stories

This will most likely decrease your procrastination time and give you a lot more time to write. If you know scene by scene what’s suppose to happen in your story then you will be more likely to finished and create a powerful story with a better flow and hopefully less plot holes.

5. Know Your Budget

Don’t jump the gun spending too many things at once without sitting down and planning your income and your expenses. Set a limit to how much you are willing to spend on editing and cover design if your budget is tight. The important thing is to have a budget and stick close to it as possible.

6. Lose Your Pride

Don’t be afraid to ask another writer/author (or me) for help. We were all beginners at some points and I still consider myself one.

Humble yourself and don’t get too big-headed on sales numbers and royalties. The market can go up and down like that and no one likes anyone who’s stuck up.

7. Encourage Others

You might know someone who wants to write but is too shy to get started on their writing career. Encourage them. Help them get off on the right foot and be their friend like you would wanted someone to do for you.


Remember not to take anything for granted and be grateful of your success no matter how big or small. I hope these words encouraged you to go out there and write that masterpiece.

-Shaquanda photo credit: Michalis Panagiotidis from 123.rf.com


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