Another 4 Reasons Why Writers Should Read

It’s been said a few hundred times before why you should read from other writers and to go along with them here are a few of my reasons why writers should read a lot of books.

Reason 1

When you read you may not like how the author did a scene or worded a sentence or two and ideas start springing to your head with how you would do them instead.

This opens your mind to new possibilities and new ideas start pouring in.

Reason 2

You think of different outcomes of the story by asking ‘what if’ questions. These questions get your imagination souring and new ideas come to you.

When you ask questions it helps your mind to start thinking of the answers. When you want to start your own story you may find that you have a lot of ideas ready that had evolved from books you’ve already read.

Reason 3

An idea for a story can pop up.

When you’re reading a story and picturing everything happening in your head, your mind goes into creativity mode. In this mode you are more open to possibilities and can visualize stories more easily.

Reason 4

You can avoid writing what you don’t like.

If you read a story and the author describes something or too long or if a character comes off as fake and you don’t like it you can avoid this kind of thing in your own writing.

Sure, a lot of reading can help you figure out what to do but reading can also help you be aware of what not to do.

You know what you like and don’t like as you read so be aware of it to prevent you from making the same mistake you hated so much.

For example, as a reader I don’t like long extended narration of scenery or object descriptions. They bore me silly and I end up skimming over it.

So as a writer I don’t write long descriptive narratives because I don’t like them. I avoid them or shorten them and keep moving the story forward.


Keep in mind I don’t want you to read a book just for the sole purpose of finding things wrong with it. Read a book you’ll enjoy and transfer that enjoyment into your own book for your readers.

Good luck on your writing journey and as always you can email me at if you have any questions about writing fiction.

Are you a fiction writer who loves reading books? What do you learn as you read? Share in the comments 🙂

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