Gain The Confidence You Need To Write Your Book

I’ve just finished my debut novel When Love Hurts, which is now with a professional editor, and I started thinking about all the things that have kept me from writing this book all these years.

What I discovered was that I thought the story and my writing ability wasn’t good enough. Those negative thoughts caused me to throw away draft after draft into the trash can without going anywhere.

Why I decided to make a change and why you should to…

I wanted to finish the book plain and simple. I was tired of feeling like every time I started over I didn’t get better. It was because it was true. I never improved my drafts I just started a brand new one which became the new first draft.

This method, if you could call it that, didn’t work.

It was like starting from scratch whenever I didn’t like what I wrote. I didn’t know that the first draft was supposed to suck and I was supposed to keep working at it.

I thought the best way to write a book was to take your time and make sure you’re doing it right. If you don’t do it right then that means you’re not a good writer and you need to start over. This thinking was wrong. And a time killer.

What we should do instead is get the first draft, the whole thing, done on paper. When I did this the first time I smiled. I knew I was going to have to change or take out 60% of what I wrote but I still completed something and that was enough to give me the confidence to keep going.

I’ve done this much so why stop now?

So I wrote the second draft and then a third which went a lot better.  I saw the story improve before my eyes and I knew I would never have gotten it the way it was in the third draft on the first try no matter how many times I tried.

Stop Waiting…

You have an itch to write and you feel uncomfortable when you’re not scratching it. So write. Get started and write that first sentence. And then the next. Don’t procrastinate because there is no perfect time to write. Maybe the most convenient but not perfect.

Take a deep breath and keep working on your draft. Don’t throw it away. Improve it until it becomes the story you saw it to be when you sat down.

The First Draft Will Suck…

It’s the first draft. Of course it will suck. Well, nobody told me this for a long time so for a while I believe I was the one that sucked instead of the first draft I carried around.

My thought was ‘if I was a good writer my first draft wouldn’t suck’


 ‘if I was a good writer then I should be able to nail it on the first try or come pretty close to perfection.’

That’s why I kept starting over.

That’s why I never got anywhere.

I kept starting over and the book never really improved.

You Will Get Better…

Of course, you will get better because there is nowhere to go but up.

I don’t mean it as saying you suck and you can only get better but writing is the type of skill where the more you do it the better you become at it no matter what level you’re at.

Writing doesn’t have a learning cap or a highest level. You can always become better and you always will get better.

I don’t write the same way I wrote 3 years ago. I don’t write the same way I wrote last month. The same goes for you.

You are talented and you are a great writer.

People Will Be Proud…

Writing a book has been such a cool experience.

Writing a book is one of those things that people say they want to do but few actually do it.

Even if your book isn’t liked by the whole world or gets a few bad reviews you’ve still accomplished something few people have. And that’s something to be proud of.

When someone you know wrote a book you’d think ‘wow, a book. That’s pretty cool.’

That’s what people would think about your book no matter if they’re interested in reading it or not.

Writing a book is one of those things people think highly of and even though you might not care what other people think, a lot of people might find you being an author fascinating.

Keep Writing…

Don’t let anyone make you stop writing, not even yourself. Keep writing and making improvements.

Start your book.

Get started now.

If you’ve already started go back and write some more.

If you feel like your book is not what you wanted it to be or you want to scrap it and start over..Don’t. Fix what you already have because starting with a blank page after having many won’t help your writing confidence.

If you find yourself stuck on your project or confused in the direction you want your story to go send me an email and tell me about it. I want to help.


Thanks for reading and keep writing.

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