Getting Rid Of Your Limitations

What It Means To Become Limitless

To become limitless means you are setting yourself free from the “boundaries” that you or society has given saying what you can and cannot do. When you become limitless you will be able to accomplish goals you’ve never expected. You’ll lose the mindset that you can’t do something and realize that you can do something.

Why It’s Important

  • You’re set free to think and do whatever you want to without falling prey to believing in stereotypes that say you can’t because of this or that. Whatever that reason or excuse may be.
  • Less pressure and more possibilities. Without limits you don’t have to worry about staying in between the lines or doing too much than expected. You also have more possibilities to achieve more than you’ve ever thought possible.
  • Empowers you. When you lose your limitations you feel empowered to go above and beyond what you thought you can do. You’ll gain the type of confidence that people are attracted to.

My Workout Session

I had a workout session a while back and I’ll put it out there. I normally don’t walk faster than 3.0 on the treadmill with an incline of well…zero.  However, this one day I decided to just run as fast as I can and go for as long as I can without looking at the calorie tracker or the time.  I broke my limitations and guess what? I did really well. Yea, I was out of breath and had to stop and breathe for a second but I felt so proud of myself and so empowered I thought I could do anything on that treadmill. I thought I couldn’t go pass 3.0 but I did. I was running hard and I didn’t stop till I couldn’t go anymore.

The one thing about breaking out of your limitations is that it gets you out of your comfort zone. Some people may like that feeling and some people may not. I liked how it felt to do something a little different from the regular routine. You may like it too but you’ll never know until you find out.

How To Become Limitless

Break the so-called rules that say you can or cannot do something. Even the ones you’ve given to yourself.

  • Start asking yourself ‘Why Not?’. Most of the time you find yourself not having a reasonable answer so just take a chance.
  • Don’t get trapped in a routine because that means you’re limiting yourself from doing something different. Keep finding new ways to grow as a person and as a writer by experimenting and taking chances.
  • Break out of the stereotypes that’s out there about whatever you want to do and why you can’t do it.


Applying This To Your Writing

Every writer has their comfort zone when it comes to what they write. It’s whatever they’re used to writing and what they’ve been told they’re good at. So some writers stick to what they know and limit themselves to that one genre or that one POV or writing with that one favorite character.

Don’t be like them. Break through your limits and become more experimentive. Submit your work to magazines, try to join social networks and forums or start a blog. If you love writing romance, break through your limits and write horror.

Do what you want to do even when you think you may not be good at it. I promise you may surprise yourself.

Thanks for reading. Please share what keeps you limited and how you plan to break out of it. Thanks again.


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  1. Really good advice. Something I’ve been trying to do more of is write from a different POV since I know I can get stuck in that regard.

    By the way, I like the new layout.

    • Shaquanda Dalton

      Yeah, I loved writing in third person and felt it to be my best writing point but I’m trying to break out of that like you are and my novel Jaylen and Jessica is completely first person. Scarey I know.

      But I realized the more you do something, the better you become. So there should be nothing stopping the two of us or anybody else that want to become good at something different.

      Thanks for your comment, Yoneco. 🙂

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