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I love reading, blogging, thinking, and dancing. Those are my hobbies and they make me centered to my life and happiness. It’s also exactly why I think every fictional character should have a hobby they love.

Why Give Hobbies To Your Characters

1. Makes Them a more round and complex character

No one wants to read about a flat character that has no outside passion or goals. The more there is to know about your characters the more interesting and complex they become. Having a hobby just add-on that extra layer.

2. A Hobby Gives Your Characters A Passion

Maybe even a goal.  When your character loves something it shows their human side which makes them more realistic. A protagonist having something they are passionate for, they will do things for it. It may even be able to carry a story.

For example, if your protagonist is a toy race car collector your story could circle around his journey to finding the last car that he needs and facing obstacles along the way.

What It Brings To The Story

1. More Relatable To Your Readers

I enjoy my hobbies and most likely a lot of other people have hobbies they love as well. When you create something that your audience also experience in life then you have a relatable character.

2. A Potential For A Sub-Plot

When you find your main plot lacking create a subplot to keep it interesting. You can have a competition in your story as your subplot involving the main hobby that your character is good at. This will make your story more depth and your character’s personality will brighten at the height of what they do best.

There are lots of ideas other than a competition for a sub plot. You can have a romance subplot and have your character use their hobby of writing poetry to woo her, for example and many more.

3. Your Readers May Like That Hobby

You never know if some of your readers will take on the hobby that your character showed so much passion for. If you write your story so well that your audience wants be like your protagonist then I think that’s a job well done.

I must admit after reading The Hunger Games I wanted to be like Katniss Evergreen and shoot arrows with a bow at my targeted victim. So cool.

Try to think of some hobbies for your characters. They don’t have to be original. In fact, the more unique they are the better.  Check out my weird list of hobbies. You can tweak it up a bit.

  • Dancing with eyes closed
  • Collecting different calendars for the same year
  • Cleaning
  • Sky diving
  • Poetry writing
  • Bowling with less dominant hand
  • Playing an instrument
  • Reading
  • Coloring children’s coloring books and returning them to the store


What are some fun hobbies you think you can give your characters?  Don’t forget to subscribe.  Thanks for reading.

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