Happy 2013!

What I learned in 2012

How to write a novel

  • I learned to be productive in writing my novel as well as what to expect once I’ve written my book in terms of criticism.
  • I learned to find the time to write and to be productive.
  • I also learned what it takes to be a pro-writer from Joanna’s Penn multimedia course.
  • Jeff Goins offered great motivation resources to make me feel confident as a writer because, after all, this was my first time writing a novel that I planned to publish. Check him out for writing motivation here.

How to publish

  • Joel Friedlander from Thebookdesigner.com gave excellent tips about cover designs, what to expect when launching, and overall self-publishing.
  • I used Joanna Penn’s resources on her website to help prepare me for what I needed to know about publishing before I pressed ‘publish’ including building an author platform.

How to promote

  • Michael Hyatt from Michaelhyatt.com talks about building a platform and how important it is to be able to reach your target audience. In fact, mostly every blog I’ve come across expressed the importance of an author platform.
  • I’ve invested in a blog, a twitter, and a facebook page to help promote myself and my books.

How to blog

  • I learned to blog by following other bloggers. Before, I had a blog that, compared to this blog, was awful. A blog post would literally be one paragraph long and I would not have useful information in it.
  • One blog I recommend following that has helped me is TheCreativePenn.com because it was the very first blog I followed.
  • Joanna also has a product for sell that teaches you how to blog. It was the first thing I ever brought from her and it was pretty helpful. So if you want to start a blog yourself, check it out.


My Goals for 2013

–       Write 2 more books in the Jaylen and Jessica series (one by May and one by December)

–       Write 2 short stories that tie in with the series and 2 short stories stand alone

–       Increase readership and sales

–       Post at least 2 times a week on the blog

–       Create 2 valuable multi-media products to help writers write their first novel


I’m excited about my goals for this year because I was able to achieve the goal I set for myself last year by writing and publishing a book.

It’s crazy the amount of valuable information I’ve learned in such a short amount of time but I value every last one of them.


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