Have A Story You Can Be Proud Of

My debut novel, When Love Hurts, have just been sent to my editor and I’m very excited to receive his criticism and/or words of encouragement. As I wait, I thought about all the aspects of having a story you can be proud of.

We all want to create a story that we can look back on and feel a worth of accomplishment with very little regrets.

Want a story you can be proud of? Check out my check list.

Check Facts

1. Relatable characters?

Make sure your characters are 3D with faults and good qualities. Your characters having imperfections makes them more relatable to your readers.  They also become more depth and complex.

Make your characters unique from any other character you’ve ever written.  Make them stand out instead of being cliché.

2. Clear Plot?

Is your plot clear? Sure, some stories are good with a bunch of different things going on but the story should have a clear focus and goal and something that keeps the reader wanting to finish the book.

But make sure your readers know what it is that they are reading for. Send them on one path instead of many, even if the path sends them on loops and turns.

3. Concrete Setting?

I say this because your readers should have a clear vision of where the story is taking place and every new setting they are brought into.

It makes them able to connect more with the story.

You can do this by going beyond the sense of sight and tapping into the other four senses: hear, taste, feel, and smell.

4. Uproaring Passion?

When you have a passion for anything, it shows strongly through the work you do. Maybe the work comes easier, or maybe you smile harder just by thinking about it. Whatever it is your passion drives your creativity and it drives your storytelling.

It makes it 10x better.

If you’re writing a story you love and you think it’s really going to be great, it will show through in your writing.

The writing will be less stale and robotic. Writing with passion can make any reader, at the very least, appreciate the subject of your story because they’ll be moved by your inspiring words.

Let your passion show and you will be proud when you look back on it.

5. A little Bit Of You?

I believe every story we write has a bit of us in there whether we realize it or not. It could be in the narration voice or in one of the characters but having a little bit of ourselves in our work makes us proud.

It also brings great personality to the story that’ll make your novel or short story stand out.


I wanted to give you this check list to make sure that your work is something you can appreciate and be proud of. Anything you create is something you can be proud of but you have to work hard and make it the best you can.

It’s not a bad thing to pat yourself on the back when you do something most people say they’re going to do but don’t and that’s writing something meaningful.

We are all creative geniuses in our own right and the more we realize this the more we can be proud and create even more great works for the world.

Thank you for reading.

Have anything in the works that you are proud of? Have any more tips for creating a story you can be proud of? Share in the comments and let me know 🙂

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  1. Congrats! What are you doing about a cover?

    • Shaquanda Dalton

      I hired Derek Murphy from Creativindie Covers and he’s working on it right now. Did you ever finish your book?

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