How To Create A 3D (Round) Character

A 2D character is a character nobody wants to read. They’re flat, basic, boring and predictable. When writing fiction you want to have all your characters stand out as much as possible. You do this by making them a 3D character.

By creating this 3D character you readers will be excited to learn more and more about your complex protagonist. Think about it. Would you rather read about a character that has already been created before, seemingly perfect in every way with no real human characteristics? I wouldn’t think so. 2D (flat) characters are not what people want to read because they don’t add anything to the story.


How To Create A 3D Character

One of the main things about creating a 3D character is making sure they have human characteristics. Even when you write about aliens they still in some way have human characteristics. This is because humans are use to humans and relate to what we know.

  • Show Your Characters’ flaws and talents

By showing that your character isn’t perfect makes them seem more real to your readers. Every human makes mistakes because we’re not robots. Let your characters make mistakes and have flaws to make them more relatable.

It’s also important to show their talents. What are your characters good at that makes them stand out? Are they good at writing? Singing? Cooking? Romancing Vampires? Yes, humans have flaws but they also have talents that make them special.


  • Likes And Dislikes

Everybody likes and dislikes something so what about your characters? Remember, the way of making your characters 3D is by making them as human as possible. Humans don’t like everything so be sure to make them known to your readers throughout your story.

What they like and don’t like don’t have to be the most obvious or important thing in the story. It could be little things like hating walnuts and loving  pink fingernail polish or something. It could be totally random but it’s the little things that makes your character seem real and that’s the goal.


Uniqueness: What Makes Them Special

Your characters are special and if your readers don’t know it that’s a problem. To make sure your readers know how special or unique your characters are make them stand out with their talents or flaws.

If they have a talent for singing, find out what specifically about their singing makes them so good. The high or low pitch, for example?  If they have a flaw like dancing, what is unique about their dancing that makes it a flaw? Do they have wobbly feet or a stiff neck?

The more details you know about your characters the more unique they become and the more unique they are the more real and 3D they become.


2D (Flat) Characters Trait

1.  Their personality has been used before (cliché)

2.  Predictable

3. “Too Perfect”

4.  Not having enough layers in their personality and seem too easy to “figure out”


Is there anything you would add or take away from the lists? Let me know if you agree and don’t forget to subscribe for free. Thanks for reading.

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