How to Create Characters Readers Will Love

We all want lovable characters that jump off the pages and tell a story no one else can tell. Those are the characters that stand out and those are the characters we writers want to create again and again.

Think about Katniss Evergreen from the Hunger Games series. She’s brave, strong-minded and self-determined. Readers relate to her courageous spirit because readers want to imitate her.

We want to create characters that people will care about. We want to know how those characters feel and how they deal with their life situations. We want to experience things we never could by seeing different situations in the characters’ eyes.

Here are my tips to creating characters people will love.

1.  Make them relatable

You want to make the character believable and can connect with the character on a personal level. Give them human characteristics liking singing in the shower or complaining about waiting on the bus.

2. Make them quirky

Give them a trait that’s both common and a little weird. For example, my protagonist Jessica favorite food is eggs. It’s not the most common thing to hear as a favorite food but it’s still relatable in a way because a lot of people have favorite foods.

We humans like weird people so we don’t feel so alone when we think we’re being weird ourselves. Besides, being different is cool.

3. Give them talent

What are your characters skills? What can they do better than anyone else in the book? It doesn’t have to be a skill that you can see physically. It could be a mental skill like solving difficult math problems in seconds or being able to tell when another person is lying.

4. Give them faults

Don’t make your characters too perfect because it not realistic. Humans aren’t perfect so neither should your characters be. Give them a short temper. Make them a hopeless romance. Give them a horrible memory. Just don’t keep them perfect.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and if you have another tip or suggestion that we can add to the list please leave it in the comment section.

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