How To Create Edgy Characters That Will Rock Your Novel

7059769-delighted-female-leaping-over-rocky-cliff-in-excitementWhat does it mean to be edgy anyway?

Is it your spunk? It is the sass? Is the fact that you’re just different and so interesting that people can’t help but want to get to know you or just listen to what you say?


But the main thing we can agree on is that edgy is not boring. Edgy is deep. It’s what makes us 3D.

So how do you add edge to your characters? How do you make them edgy, cool and interesting so reading will be hooked?

1. Make them break the rules

a goody two shoes character is not edgy. have them be tempted by something or someone to make them contemplate breaking the rules of society.

It’s natural for humans to want to give into their urges and it’s unrealistic to think that someone can resist them easily with no problem. Let us see your character struggle.  Let us see them break the rules, it will be so badass.

2. Give them a secret no one knows about

It doesn’t have to be a big secret like having superpowers  or an underground intelligence lab but having a little quirky feature about them makes them more deep and realistic. I’m not saying every real life person has a secret although they probably do but having making your character keep one makes them more 3D for your reader.

3. Talents

What is your character better at then anyone else? What gives them the edge? For Katniss Evergreen from the Hunger Games it was her talent with the bow and arrow. For Harry Potter it was his wand and wits.

Those things made them edgy and cool. It makes the reader believe the characters can handle themselves and isn’t a pushover.

4. Unique

This ties in with point 3 in the fact that you don’t want your edgy characters to be an ordinary character with no unique thing about them that may stick out with your readers. How about a unique eye color or the way the character carry him/herself? What’s their style? What about them that your readers can say your character reminds them of someone in real life that they know?

5340079-man-in-hiking-boots-standing-on-edge-of-a-cliff-in-grand-canyon-arizona5. Give them an advantage

How can you have an edgy characters that doesn’t have an edge over their opponent? It doesn’t have to be a skill that gives them the upper hand like in number 3, it can manpower, or knowledge that makes them victorious. I think it’s something to think about. How are your characters going to win their battle? because it always doesn’t come down to luck.

I hope these five things helps you out in turning your characters into characters with edge. What do you do for your characters that makes them unique and gives them the edge?

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