How To Find Your Writing Groove

Have You Found Your Groove?

Have You Found Your Groove?

Your writing groove is that zone you’re in as a writer. It’s when you reach that moment of bliss when you know what you love to write about and you know how to get the writing done.

It’s when you’ve found your unique writing style.

It’s when you know what works best for you personally as writer whether it’s you writing alone, in public, at 5am or at 11pm.

When you’re in your zone you’ve found your groove and you stick to it.

How You Can Find Your Groove

1.  Find your writing style

You know the kind of books you want to write and know the story you want to tell but try this. Why not take a chance in different genres and topics you’ve never thought of doing before? It doesn’t have to be a topic you hate but maybe topic you’ve read before. Something that interested you. (If the you as the writer aren’t interested in your work no one else will be)

Try different areas instead of sticking to just one. You never know what you find as you take a dab at it. You may discover you have a nack for something other than vampire romance.

2.  Write at different times of the day

Your peek writing, in terms of creativity and getting the words down, may come at different times of the day. Mines is early morning and mid afternoon. Experiment with writing at different times and see how it works for you.

3.  Try writing in different locations

Don’t just stick to writing in one place until you know if other places works better or not.

Some people are introverts, meaning they get their energy from being alone, while some people are extroverts, which are people who get their energy from being around other people.

Knowing if you’re an introvert or extrovert can really help you pick out a location that can maximize your writing.

4.  Step out of your usual comfort zone

Don’t be afraid to try something different because it’s different. Why not try something at least one (legal, of course)?

You never know until you know.

5.  Visit places that evoke creativity

Art museums, poetry readings, grocery stores where funny people hang out. Here’s a post I wrote about eavesdropping helping your writing. All of things can evoke your creativity. Visit them a few times and to keep your mind sharp on new material.

P.S Reading doesn’t hurt either but there’s nothing like stepping out and experience life first hand.

What to do when You’ve Found Your Groove

Take advantage of your discovery and use it well. Write during your peek times and look for inspiration at all times.

Stay focused and write in the way that only you can write. You’re more unique than you think so the sooner you find out which way work for you the better you’re writing career will be for the long haul.


photo credit: photo from Goce Risteski

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