How To Get And Keep Your Writing At Its Best

We’ve all asked ourselves, “Is my writing good enough?” “Does this make sense?” and “Jeez, will somebody read this and tell me if it’s good?”

Here’s what you need to do to keep your writing the best it can be.

Stop asking “Is it my writing good?” and put that effort into your writing.


1.  Remember The Details

  • The more details such as sensory, setting, and character profiles the better.
  • Don’t assume your readers know what you’re talking about. Thoughts you see clearly in your head may still be fuzzy for your readers.

Warning: Don’t overload your readers with too much detail that it loses focus of the main plot. Also, don’t insult the readers intelligence by repeating the same information too many times or explaining common things like the description of a building.

We get it already. It’s big, brown and 3 stories. Let’s move on.


2.  Never Doubt The Value Of A Second Eye

Other people eyes see what you can’t see when it comes to your stories. They’ll be reading it without the picture in your head telling them how it’s suppose to look and how your characters are supposed to feel.

Peer readers and editors keep your writing at its best because they tell you what’s wrong. Because if you don’t know what’s wrong, how can you do better?

3. Keep Writing

If you drop that pen and never wrote another word a day in your life your writing will get bad. I’m not saying this to scare you but I’m being honest. Writing isn’t like riding a bike because you will forget.

Writing is a talent that needs practice.

For example, I played the piano for 6 consecutive years when I was in grade school but I stop in the seventh grade and haven’t had another lesson since. (7 year ago).

My fingers aren’t used to being on a keep board anymore but before it knew songs I didn’t have to try hard to remember.

Sometimes our brains forget and it has to be re-triggered to remember.

I’ve started playing on my brother’s piano a little here and there but I’m not as good as I used to be because I stopped practicing.

The point is to write everyday because each day you write is another day at getting better.

The more you write the easier it becomes and besides writers love to write and it shouldn’t be treated like a chore.  Let the writing be the fun part and everything else can be the icing on the cake.


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  1. Oh, it kills me when there’s too much character or setting description in the first few paragraphs. So much better to build those pictures over time.

    Btw, I moved my articles to my personal site on the advice of another writer. Since I’m going to be self-publishing next month, I had to make a decision about where to put my online time – and running multiple websites was too much. The old site will redirect you to the new one. Thanks so much for all the comments you left before.

    • Shaquanda Dalton

      Congrats on self publishing 🙂 I also hope to have my novel out by the end of summer. We just have to keep working hard no matter what.

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