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Every good story has an even better protagonist. The character is one of things that keeps readers engaged in the story. Sure they read the back cover and have the plot pull them in, but what keeps them is the main character going through everything that the writer throws at them.

That’s why it’s so important to have interesting, round characters.

When I say character’s growth I’m talking about their mindset and personal characteristics growth. How they see the world and how others see them.

It’s important to show what your characters have learnt when their adventure is over. If your character doesn’t change, what was the point of your story?

Here’s my tips for showing your character’s growth through your story whether that story is a series or a stand alone novel.

1. Let your readers be aware of your character’s mindset in the beginning so that when your character starts to change your readers will recognize it as growth.

2. Don’t make the change too sudden but more gradual over a realistic time span.

3. Have your character make difficult choices that shows what kind of person they are on the inside.

Sometimes who we are more prominent by the choices we make in life.

4. Let your character be aware of the way they have grown throughout the story.

If your character doesn’t know they’ve grown, what’s the point of them growing?


Character development is one of my favorite topics because  I love diving deep inside of a character’s mindset and what makes them special. You can read more character development posts here.

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps. 🙂


What makes your character special and stand out? What do you to tell their story?

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