How To Write A Great Beginning

The beginning of any story is just as important as the ending.  And you definitely want to start off with an interesting start, a great setting foundation, and a great character to bring it all together.

It’s important because first impressions matter and it may be the reason why readers keep turning the pages to find out the ending.

  • First Impressions Matter

-Have a nice hook to grab the reader in but don’t have it be the most climatic part of your story because you want the reader to keep reading.

-Keep the hook interesting and simple with the assumption that the readers knows nothing about the story and has a little understanding of what’s going on.

-One of the techniques I love to use is starting with dialogue by having one character say something very interesting that keeps the reader wanting to know more information.

-You can also start by describing one of the major problems for the protagonist and why it’s his/her goal to solve it.

  • Introduce Your Characters At Their Prime

I say introduce them at their prime to mean when the characters are truly acting like themselves. They’re not making a front or impression for somebody but being themselves.

A character can be at their prime during something they love, doing their talent or doing something only they can do.

  • Let The Setting Be Known

One of the worse things is to have a great beginning and your readers having no idea where the story is taking place. The setting may be self-explanatory in some beginning depending on how you start.

However, I recommend letting the readers know exactly where there action is taking place unless it’s used as a suspense technique and crucial for your story.


I really hope these tips help you on your writing journey. I’m currently right dab in the middle of mine’s so I know what you’re going through and how much you want the beginning to be just right.

If you come across some tips to writing a great beginning that I left out please share it with us in the comment section.

Thanks for reading and keep writing.


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  1. Shaquanda Dalton

    I think that’s a great idea to keep the story focused. That also builds a lot of room for creativity.

    (Then maybe for fun you can shuffle those cards and what ever order they end up in is the story. 🙂 Hey it might work. )

  2. Unfortunately, I’m not that far along, yet. I just have the idea and the outline. What I’m doing now is taking the major points from the outline, putting them on index cards and writing everything I know about that section or scene.

  3. Shaquanda Dalton

    Yea I think long novel sells better because there’s more content to read. More for their money. I’m aiming for mine’s to be around 60,000 words or more. What about yours?

  4. My novel idea is coming along nicely. It started out as a short story, but I realized there was just too much content for that format.

  5. Shaquanda Dalton

    I’m working on a novel called Jaylen and Jessica. It’s a romance/drama three part series. How’s your novel idea coming along ?

  6. I love starting with dialogue, too. It’s a great way to make the audience feel like they’re immediately “in” the story or the action.

    If I can ask, what are you working on now? I’ve been more focused on short stories, but I do have a novel oultined and playing out in my mind.

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