Making Your Characters Come To Life

I started writing my novel knowing my characters inside and out. I know their behavior habits, moods, personality, and can easily predict their behavior. I know this because I took the time to think about them. Now as I write my story, their dialogue comes easily because I know what each character will say for each given situation I put them in. J

It is important to know your character’s personally because it adds depth to the story. No one likes a flat character or a character with a heavy stereotype like the ‘alcoholic loner’.

Here are a few key things to make sure you have a well-rounded character.

  • Get to Know them


Think about each character like a person you’ve met from school. You know what they look like, what they usually wear, you know they have a family, and you know how they sound. Now dig deeper. As you think about what makes each character special think about their goals, dreams and motives. What keeps the character doing what they do each day? What makes them interesting?


  • Language


It’s more than what they say but how they say it. Think about your character’s background and where they came from. Do they have an accent? Do they speak slang? Do they use different regional words like bubbler for water fountain or soda for pop? How your character sounds is important as it gives more dept to the character by making them unique.


  • Appearance Matters


How does your character dress? Sometimes how a person presents themselves says a lot about them. They may not always be true but the persona they present are the first impression the characters make. Does the female character always wear jeans or a dress? Does the guy dress like he’s in a motorcycle gang or like he’s about to play golf? Does the character even care about the way they look? Ask these questions to yourself and you’ll find the answers to make your characters stand out which is important in any good story.


  • Likes and dislikes, let them be known!

The reader knowing what their favorite character likes or doesn’t likes make the character more real and relatable.  No one is going to like everything and your characters having little pet peeves will bring their roundness full circle. You don’t have to feel like your character has to like whatever the most popular thing to like in the world because being different from the rest of the world is interesting as well.

Get thinking about your characters’ lives to make them pop out on your pages. Thanks very much for reading. Happy writing


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