Should There Be Rules To Writing a Novel?

If you’ve been following the blog you’d notice I give a lot of writing tips to help you create a great piece of fiction.  But my question is this:

Is there a set rules to writing and if they are, should there be?

When I say ‘rules to writing’ I mean a set a list rules to writing a good story. The problem I have with rules goes with the old saying that rules should be broken. I believe that your creativity should drive you to write creative pieces of work.

I definitely agree that our creativity as writers shouldn’t be limited but who is saying that limitation is good? There are a few writers who might believe that limitation opens up creativity more and I can understand that but that’s not really what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about is a set of rules, probably a do or don’t list, that says if you want to write well you better not have adverbs or if you want to write well you better give plenty of setting description.

Tips like that are good but when it comes to writing, especially the first draft, you  don’t want to feel like you’re stuck in a cage and can’t just write what you want to write because you’re afraid of being called an amateur.

Well, we’ve all started out as amateurs with our writing and it’s always an upward climb. I do believe writers should focus more on writing their story and less about follow a set of ‘rules’. We’re creative beings and I think our best work comes when we’re not limited at all and can freely create anything under (or above) the sun.

Of course, proper spelling and grammar should be in place after the book is written but I think a writer should have a free mind when writing and just focus on creating.

What do you think about this topic? Do you believe in writing rules or do you believe in creating freely with no rules or limits? Is it somewhere in between? Please share your thoughts below.

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