Staying Productive When You Want To Sleep

This morning I woke up at my usual 6:50am with a hard dilemma. I wanted to reach my writing goal 1,000 words for my new novel but I was dead tired and wanted to go back to sleep.

I thought to myself; how many other people in the world have this problem? How many people can’t get their work done because of lack of sleep?

I started going through the possibilities of why I was so tired. I asked myself these questions quick questions.

1.  Did I go to sleep later than usual?

2. Did I wake up often throughout the night?

3.  Were my thoughts distracting me?

I answered yes to all of those questions and it made my morning very unproductive. I also had the TV on in the morning which I normally don’t do.

Now that I understand the mistakes I made last night I’ll try my best to avoid them tonight. I think that school work, writing and blogging got me a little overwhelmed.  But we all have overwhelming days.

I was desperate for sleep.

So I came up with some ways to make my sleep more enjoyable that I’m going to try tonight.

1. TV off or on but with volume low.

2. Soft music as I sleep

3. Going to bed earlier (that’s a given)

4. Take care of business faster

5. Take a shower before bed to feel relaxed

I haven’t tried the soft music as a sleep technique but I’ll give it a shot. If your work jeopardized because of lack of sleep try these tips tonight and tell me how they worked out for you. If you have any tips already please share in the comments.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to know your thoughts.


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