The Secret of Loving Your Craft

We all struggle with insecurities in our lives no matter what it is. When it comes to our craft it isn’t any different. We all wonder are we good enough? Is what we created the best thing possible?

But you have to break out of your insecurities in life because it’ll only hold you back from what you can achieve.

I’ve dealt with insecurities in my writing, I think we all did at some point but I moved passed them because I knew if I kept going my writing would get better.

If you love something you do it a lot.

And if you do something a lot you get better at it.

How to Love your craft

1. Live in the moment

If your craft is your passion then you should be enjoying every moment of creating it. Don’t stress over the details or worry about what the next step might be. Enjoy creating the thing you love to create whether that’s writing, painting, creating music or dancing.

2. Don’t stress over perfection

We all strive for perfection. We can’t help it, it’s human nature. But stressing over creating perfection that can make us sick.

You have to accept that not everything you create is going to be perfect. Work hard but don’t stress over out to the point where you never put your work out in the world for fear of it not being perfect.

3. Be proud

Be proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished. Take the time to look back at all the work you’ve created and smile. You’ve done a good job and more work than a lot of people would have done.

When you look back on your work you feel the appreciation you should feel every time a work is finished. It boosts your confidence and it makes you feel good. Who wouldn’t want that?

You Can Start Now

Go back and look at all the work you’ve created and be proud of your craft. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect but remember why you loved it in the first place.

Reread old stories, glance at old painting, and dance to music you’ve made. Then start a new project. Take your time and enjoy the craft and live in the moment. Then look at it, hold your head up and be proud.

What is your craft and why do you love it? Please share in the comments. 

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