The Shitty First Draft and Why I love It

The idea of the shitty first draft came from professional writer, Anne Lamott, who believed in the idea that everyone writes a shitty first draft. I completely agree with this and love by admitting your first draft will be shitty makes you comfortable enough to get everything down for later revision. The fact is you cannot revise what you haven’t written yet.

                I took this a step further when I wrote the first draft of my novel by not editing any mistake I made while typing. I typed everything as soon as it came to my head; no edits whatsoever. I didn’t fix typos, add or takeaway words or anything else that would stop my creative flow. That was my goal at least and even though I caved in a few times, I didn’t blow it completely and was able to get a draft down faster than I expected.

                I believe that accepting the idea of having a shitty first draft will take away the pressure of writing the perfect novel the first time you sit at your computer with a cup of hot latte right beside you. Revising over and over before you finish the first draft will only feed into the idea of being a perfectionist. I don’t think any writing is perfect because all writing styles are different (if your writing style isn’t different from someone else you’ve got a lot of explaining to do).

                Don’t let the fear of perfection stop you from finishing your draft. Write that shitty first draft and let it be as shitty as possible. You’re revise it later but at least you’ll have something to revise and not staring at a blank screen for hours with nothing to show for it because the sentence to top all sentences away haven’t come to you yet. Believe me, inspiration will come but for now just write. 🙂

                I would love to know what you think about writing the first draft and your methods to getting it down. Please share in the comments.

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