Top 5 Signs You’re a Procrastinator

[I want to take a moment to say that this blog post is right on time considering I missed yesterdays’ blog post. Procrastinating is a crime that must be stopped. Happy reading. 🙂 ]

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I am a procrastinator. I’m not going to pretend I’m not for the stake of this post because I am. I’ve been one all my life. I don’t try to be but it’s just a fact. I have black hair, I’m a writer and I’m a procrastinator.  I feel like once you admit something about yourself you can start to improve yourself. Obviously, being a procrastinator is not a good thing. You can miss deadlines, lose sleep, have anxiety and wind up with a messed up project at the end.

Trust me, you do not want to be a procrastinator. Check out my five signs that may categorize you as a procrastinator.

1. Giving Excuses

I always fall into the trap of giving a good solid excuse to wait to do something important I could be doing now. I normally say things like “it can wait…”, “let me finish this first…”, “I have to do more research…” just to name a few.

2. Setting Another Date Or Time

If you find yourself making plans for a later date you might be a procrastinator.  Sometimes holding off doing something can be ok but it’s the repeated readjustments with something important that gets us in trouble.

3. Not Finding The “Perfect” Moment To Write

This is an excuse I give myself when I just don’t want to do something now or for the rest of the day. I’ll say that my room or environment is too noisy or that I’m uncomfortable. Whatever that makes my writing time not “perfect”. (There is no “perfect time to write, check out  Perfect Time To Write…Not Likely  )

4. Unnecessary Eating

If you know you have work to do and you find yourself eating instead you’ll giving yourself another excuse. Yes I know you have to eat but you have to work too. Try to eat while you work. If you can’t you may be procrastinating especially if you had previously decided to work at that time.

5. Easily Distracted

I am easily distracted in general but if you set a time aside to work and you find yourself surfing the web or flipping through channels you may be a procrastinator. Don’t let your distractions distract you and try to focus even if for  5 minutes at a time. Do this without looking at a clock.


To get over my procrastinating I like to give myself a set time a lot earlier than the deadline to get something accomplished. I feel like I work my best under pressure and if I set that pressure myself instead of waiting for the closing in due date I can work at my best and have it done early.

If you recognize these signs try to snap out it. Think about the benefit of completing your work early can bring you. For example, you’ll have less stress, time for other important things, you wouldn’t lose your sleep staying up the night before and you’ll probably end up doing a better job.

If you have other signs you would like to add to list mention it in the comment section. Don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for reading and keep writing 🙂

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  1. Shaquanda Dalton

    Excellent point, Yoneco. It just adds on to the procrastination.

  2. I’d add excessive reading or research to the list. I’ve had times when I spent hours reading about being a better writer instead of actually writing.