Using Choices To Define Your Characters and Move Your Story Forward

choice 1Choices help define who we are. What we do in our lives gives off to other people what kind of person we are. And if life we can choose to make good choices, bad choices, hard choices or easy choices. If you, or someone you know, has a lot of easy choices to make in life and nothing else to worry about, that friend may be perceived to have an easy life.

So how can you use choices in the lives of your characters?

When your characters are forced to make choices, it moves the story forward. Choices makes your character decide to start their journey…or not. They’re have a choice whether to make a difference in their world or lives…or not.

There’s nothing wrong with your characters being hesitant to take on their destiny or mission at first but, of course, if they never say yes then you don’t have a story.

Forcing your character to choose their destiny moves the story forward and you won’t find yourself fiddling around in their world figuring out how to move things along.

Your characters choose to eat the specific types of food they eat and the way they look are a result of this. This is an example of how choices shape how our characters are physically defined.

Can you think of ways that choices shape their personality? What if they choose not to do their homework? Or if they choose to always clean up their house without being asked?

choice 2By presenting your characters with a question, you are immediately creating a way to show your character’s personality and a chance to get you and your characters out of a creative rut.

How do you use choices in your novel? Have you ever read a novel that forced the characters to make a hard decision? Love you hear from you.

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