We’ll Make It Through

Part 3 of the Jaylen and Jessica series, We’ll Make It Through, has finally arrived on Amazon. We'll Make It Through


It’s exciting because all that hard work has paid off and the book is already climbing the carts, already having reached #1 in urban category. Woohoo! I’m not saying this to brag, but I do agree with a lot of other writers and that it’s a good thing to celebrate your achievements as we go through our writing journey because how would we know when we’ve ever done something?

Sit Back and Smell the Roses

Cliché’ I know but it’s true. Don’t let the good parts in life pass you by while you’re heading for the next big thing. Think about what you’ve already done and be happy about it.

We’ll Make It Through follows my main characters Jaylen and Jessica as they continue with their drama. Here’s the back blurb.


He was able to convince his girlfriend Angela to forgive him after having a baby with his best friend Jessica. Now, not even one month later, he finds out she’s cheating on him and that the baby she’s carrying might not be his after all.


She’s finally gotten a grip on her life and tries her best to downplay her intense love for her best friend Jaylen. When James comes into the picture he’s the perfect distraction. She can’t find a thing wrong with him! But when they finally get intimate and she find out that the one thing he can’t come to plate with is his sex game. After a few unsatisfying nights, Jess contemplates asking her friend Jaylen for a favor. But how important is sex in a relationship? Is it worth risking the relationship for a one time fling?

But when it’s time to face the consequences of their actions Jaylen and Jessica’s friendship will be put through the ultimate test. Will they make it through and work thing out? Or will it crumble and result to nothing more than a memory?

Today is the last day of the sale at 99c so if you’re into romance drama I think you’ll enjoy it.

That’s all for now.


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