Why Do You Want To Write?

I often find myself thinking about why I decided to become a writer because I’ve been asked that myself. People would say, “You’re a writer? Cool. Why you’d want to be a writer?” and I’d say “um…… I love to write.”

They’d be polite and smile but I was telling them the truth.  I love to write and have people engulf in the story I’m telling and for them to know it came from my little brain. I love the delighted expression on their faces as they read a few of my chapters. I write for the readers and I think that’s a very important reason to become a writer.

I’ve started writing stories when I was nine years old and finishing a story gave me so much confidence. It gave me something to show off to my family and friends at school who agreed to read it. The stories made me so proud.

One reason it’s important to know why you became a writer is so you have a drive to keep you going when you don’t feel like writing. If you are writing to share important knowledge than the motivation to keep you writing would be the need to satisfy your audience. Writing is a call that screams to every writer when they’re not writing to make them feel guilty.

You don’t have to be a novelist to be considered a writer. Some people just have the urge to write and that’s fine. They’re still writers. You don’t have to be published to be called a writer either. To me a writer is someone who creates a written piece that‘s readable to others. Those are the real writers.

Think about why you became a writer to help you through your tough days when you don’t feel like writing or your creative streak is up. Have Fun.


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