Why Good Writers Need Even Better Editors

I have just completed the second draft of my novel which I have renamed “When Love Hurts”. It’s set to be part one of a four part series but for now my priority is making this book the best it can be.

So what now?

There’s a big important step between editing your work yourself and publishing it to the public and that’s hiring a professional editor.

Why you need an editor or two

You can’t edit your work alone. You just can’t. What you see when you read your work and what other people see when they read your work are two different things. An editor bridges the gap from what you think the reader sees and what your readers actually see when they read your work.

As a writer, we overlook mistakes, not even aware the faults in our book. We see the same story every day we work on it so it’s not always easy to pinpoint exactly where we messed up on.  An editor has a fresh, professional, and never before seen eyes that’s editing your work.

What I expect from my editor

The number one thing I’m looking for my editor to do with my work is to tell me what I’m missing. I want to be told what else I have to give to the book to make it better. Sure, I know he might suggest cutting out some parts but my number one  thing is making sure it has everything it needs to be a great story.

What’s your number one?

What’s the main thing you want to get out of your editor if you’re looking for one? If you had an editor how did it work out and did it meet your expectations? Think in terms of your book and its genre. Is it fiction or nonfiction and what do you want to be concise in your book.

Make your expectations clear

No matter how big or how small your expectations may be, communication between you and the editor is essential to coming out with a great product in the end. After all, you are the one paying for their services so you’d better make sure you’re gonna be happy with it.

What editor did I decide to go with?

I’m currently looking at two top editors. The first is a writing critique service from Writer’s Digest and the second one called BubbleCow which author/blogger Joanna Penn recommended.

I looked at the prices and both have great deals. Writer’s Digest charges by page count and BubbleCow charges by word count. The rate depends on the type of editing service you decide to go with whether it’s copyediting, proofreading or development editing.

Thinking about editing?

Check out those editors and read their reviews. Don’t limit yourself to them, however. There are hundreds more editors out there in the world to choose from but these are the two I found that I think would be the most helpful to me and my financial situation.

It also depends on how long your work is. Some editors charge by hour, some by word count or page number so take how long your work is into consideration when deciding an editor.

Don’t let your financial situation be a burden to getting your book published. If you earn money you can save money, even if you have to start small. Think about your long-term and short-term goals. Think about all the things you have to sacrifice to get what you want. Keep sacrificing and keep saving.

Of course, don’t spend well above a reasonable level of money for an editor. Take the time to search for good editors that come as close to your financial budget as possible and go for it. Most editors have payment plans so you don’t have to pay all at once.

No matter what get a pro

Pros are the way to go if you really want to stand out as an author especially if you’re self publishing. Readers buy books from new authors based off their cover image and back page blurb of the story. However, readers keep coming back to that same author if the book is good. Don’t ruin their trust by having bad editing.

You can start now

You can do the research to find an editor that’s right for you. Don’t underestimate freelancers because their deals are also pretty good.  Stay within your budget and don’t be afraid to contact other authors who have their books professionally edited if you need another lead to start with.

Good luck on your writing journey and let me know how it goes,


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