Why I Decided To Become A Writer

People ask me all the time why I wanted to become a writer and I guess I’ve always told them simple non-complex because-I-like-to-write answers. Deep down I knew it was because I have a story in my head I wanted to tell. A story I’ve been telling myself for years.

I’m currently working on my first fiction novel Jaylen and Jessica which is now in its editing process. Writing is harder than it looks and unless you actually try to write a novel you may never understand just how hard it is. So why do I write? It may be the same reason you write. I don’t do it for compensation because most writers don’t get paid that much. I do it because it’s my passion and I get so excited when I make that perfect sentence that describes exactly what’s going on in my head. It’s that moment when I give my work to somebody to read and seeing their facial expression change as my words sink in. I want people to love my writing. Even more than loving my writing I want them to love my story because I love it so much.

I’m not trying to sound all fairytale like. I’m just being honest.  I write because I want people to love my writing and my story. If everyone in the world hated my writing and the story I tried to tell than I would feel like I haven’t done my job the best I could’ve.  Some people may say that as long as you, the writer, love your work then that’s all that matters but that’s not true. You don’t write for hours and hours a day, several days a week, and months in a year just so you can read it yourself and say ‘oh, I like it that’s all that matters’. You’d be wasting your time.

Yeah, ok , everyone is different and everyone has their own goal when it comes to why they decided to become a writer. I just thought I’d share mine. I love writing and I know I always will.

Keep writing,


Let me know why you decided to become a writer if you love to write.

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