Why Romance Novels Are Addicting

I love romance novels. They make me fall in love with the main characters and visualize their lives together once I finish the novel. I’m not sure who reads romance novels more between men and women but I wouldn’t be surprised the answer was women. We love that emotional gushy stuff that warm our hearts and tickle our minds and secret fantasies.

The Characters

I believe the characters are the most important part of any romance novel. You have to admire them, want them to be happy and know that the two of them are meant to be together. Their personalities play a big role with how they sync with one another and the reader needs to notice it or becomes unbelievable.

I love characters who don’t like each other at first but slowly grow to admire each other more and more as time goes on. The chemistry has to be present and strong. Too strong, in fact, that the characters have no choice other than falling for each other.

The Fantasy

Is it just me or do anybody else get the warm feeling when romance characters finally get it on? It’s like they’ve never had sex before when they are finally able to release their energy and love to one another.

It has to be more than that to a story, though. It doesn’t necessary have to be the readers’ fantasy coming alive but it should at least be one the characters’ fantasies. (Even if that fantasy is just having that person in their arms all night.) It brings a fulfillment to the characters, readers and the story.  What’s the point of 100 pages of flirting if nothing happens?

The Risk

Not all romance novels have characters that get with a partner with nothing to lose. Some romance novels have risks that come into play with the two of them being together. It makes it ten times more exciting for me to see how it all turns out.

For example, one risk could be being disowned by their father if the daughter decides to marry a man the father disapprove of.

The Love

The love between the characters is the whole point of the story. The love is genuine , unique, and maybe even a little crazy but it’s there and it should be strong.  I love a happy ever after story but nearly all romance novels have a “fight” scene between the two lovers and it really allows them time to question their relationship with their partners.

The ending of the novel shows their love, commitment and even the challenges they will have to face but they know they’ll be able to face them together.

It’s the kind of stories that make you say awwww…

Favorite romance authors include but are not limited to:

Meg Cabot

Carly Phillips

Stephanie Meyer

Maureen Child

I am working on a romance/drama novel that I plan to have capture all the main elements that make a romance novel one that I and my readers will love.

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