Why Sacrificing Is Part Of Being A Great Writer

Being a writer, for me, is a great joy. It’s stimulating, exciting, and showcases my creativity. However, great writers aren’t made overnight, over a month and rarely a year. It takes a lot of hard work to get a draft down and after that you have to edit, rewrite and repeat a least three times. Not to mention, picking a book cover, price, and promotion.

All the hard work that goes into being a writer could not be accomplished without sacrificing something to make it happen. This will be time, energy and money.

But sacrificing is vital for being a good writer because if they that don’t invest the time to write their book, put in the creative energy, hire an editor or cover designer then their books won’t sell as well.

Make Time to Write

You could never be a good writer if you don’t make enough time to write. You have to make time because free time to write rarely shows up on your doorstep especially if you have kids, in school or work.

Sacrifice your sleep. Wake up earlier or stay up later to get the job done. It doesn’t have to be but two hours a day that could make all the difference. You have to start somewhere and squeezing time in at the beginning or ending is a great start.

Save Your Money And Start A Budget

If you plan on paying for marketing your book you should start a budget plan and start saving now. It shouldn’t cost too much for marketing but it all depends on your book and how you want it introduced to the world.

There are multiple budgets you can work with but it all depends on your book and your idea of promotion. If you have 500 dollars work with that. If you have 5,000 use it wisely.

You want to save early so the money will be there as soon as your book is done instead of starting fresh saving when the book is finished.

Remember, marketing only lets your readers aware that your book exists and does not guarantee a sell or you becoming a best-selling author.

Be Patient

I know how badly you want to see the results of your sacrifice showing up right away but it may take some time. It takes time to sell books and it takes time to write books.

This is the main reason I stress enjoying writing just for the sake of writing. You enjoy it because of the specific happiness it brings you other than the money of potential sells. If that were the case you’d be better off getting a regular job that doesn’t require your enjoyment to get paid.

There are other ways to sacrifice that can be to your benefit as well. Serving others in the writing community can really turn around for your good. Comment on other books and they might return the favor. Volunteer to proofread a writer’s draft and give your real honest opinion. They may also return the favor. Try new ideas like this that generosity gives you attention without you having to ask for it.

You never know until you try.

Good luck and Keep Writing


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