Writing Mistakes I’ve Made and How To Avoid Them Pt.1


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I’m going to bare it all and tell you my writing weaknesses. I want to tell you so that you can avoid these mistakes as well when you write your novel or short stories. No one writes perfect the first time but any work can be beautiful through careful revision.

 Mistake #1 Improper use of commas, colons and semi-colons

I’d always get confused when deciding to use a comma or a semi-colon. I kind of knew what they were for but I was never confident enough to use semi-colons in my writing out of fear that it was wrong.
For complete clarification on this matter I suggest you check out this link to grammer.about.com. It helped me understand it a lot more and I will be using it as a reference when I come across confusing situation in my writing.


Mistake #2 Changing tenses within a story

Sometimes if I’m writing in past tense I would unknowingly write ‘he Says’ or ‘she laughs’ in present tense instead of he said and she laughed. Luckily, I had close readers who noticed mistakes like this one and I’ve been more careful to avoid them. One way to insure you don’t change tenses in your writing is to read it out loud. A lot of mistakes are revealed by just saying the words out loud like you were talking to an audience. After all, your book is one big story and the storyteller is the author. (This mostly applies to fiction works)
I will be making a part two of this post as the list of the mistakes I’ve made goes on. Lol. I’m learning though as we all are. Share your mistakes in the comments.

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