Writing Tip #1


Look at all your characters’ point of view before publishing your story.


  • When you can understand each of your character’s reasons for what they do you have a deeper meaning of your overall story
  • It’s similar to seeing the enemy’s side of the story in a movie. The movie just doesn’t show the hero or heroine but the antagonist or bad guy as well. It brings more dept to the viewers if they can understand why the enemy do the bad things he does.
  • You don’t have to switch point of views in your story if you’re writing in first person to do this. It’s information to keep in mind while you’re writing to help deepen what your understanding of why your characters are important.

What to do

  • Think about each characters’ part in the story and ask yourself these questions:

– How does this character belong in the story? How are they important?

– What would happen if this character wasn’t here and how would it impact the story?

  • Reread your story again with a better understanding of all your characters and their importance to the story.
  • Give the story more

–  What can you add, take out, elaborate on, or drop altogether?

  • Share your work

Ask your friends and family members to read what you’ve working on and point out to them what parts you’ve changed by adding more, deleting, etc.

Ask them if it still makes sense or if you should go back and enhance, drop, add, etc. again.

Don’t give up until you’ve found your sweet spot.

  • Your novel can never be perfect in everyone’s eyes and at some point you have to decide to share it with the world and to move on to your next project.
  • Take the experience you’ve learned from writing your story and put it towards your next book.

Share what you know

  • What other writing tips about characters’ POV would you share to fellow writers? Please post it in the comment section.
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