You Can Become a Writer at Any Age

The definition of a writer is simply a person who writes. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve been writing. Yes, the more experience you have the better your writing but you can be a “good” writer at any age.

Here are the stereotypes I’ve noticed about young writers:

  • Young writers can’t write well
  • Young writers don’t know enough to write well
  • Adults are writers not children or young adults.

That’s a bunch of crap

Really it is. You can be a writer at any age because you can learn at any age. If you can write you are a writer.

I’m 20 years old and I began writing when I was nine. I wrote a few short stories. It wasn’t for class but it was in my own time because I wanted to do it. I wanted to be a writer, not knowing that I already was one.

We should encourage all writers at any age and not have an already set mind that young aged writers works aren’t well.  We should look at our own writing and think ‘hey our writing can be improved too.’

We never stop improving our writing no matter what age we are.

Writers write so age is not the problem. The problem is thinking that young people don’t know as much as adult or “grown” people.

As long as a writer is willing to write, learn, grow and create, they should be treated like a professional.

The earlier the better

The earlier writers start their careers off the better.  I mean how cool would it be to have a novel done by the time you finished high school? Or better yet, a collection of short stories.

What does it mean to be a writer anyway?

We practice, we rewrite, we get professional edits and we rewrite again. Writers are people who enjoy writing and who actually does the work. This can start at any age so the stereotype should diminish.

But we can’t control how people think.

To grow and evolve we should encourage our young writers to write and publish the work they create. We should encourage them to start building their platforms now and not later and we should teach young writers everything we know so they can avoid the writing mistakes we’ve made.

Thanks for reading and please free to share.

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Shaquanda Dalton

Hello, my name is Shaquanda Dalton and welcome to! I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and graudated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a degree in Creative Writing. I fell in love with writing at the age nine and love it till this day. :)


  1. Yoneco Evans

    This is no different from people who think the only “real” writers have MFA degrees. You’re right, there’s no pre-requisite for being a writer. You don’t need a degree or to be of a certain age. You just need to be dedicated to getting better.

    Thanks for the great feedback on my fictional letters. I got edits back on my short story collection. There are two stories that just aren’t up to being published, yet (the plots need fleshing out a bit). There’s another one that’s out of place for the collection, but I’m thinking of putting it on the site for free.

    Will you post your cover when it’s done? I’m excited to see it.

    • Shaquanda Dalton

      Thanks for the comment, yoneco. Yeah I agree about not needing a degree in writing to become a writer. It’s such a stigma that you’ve had to accomplish some great big feat before really being considered a writer so that’s important.

      And yea I enjoyed the fiction letters you wrote and i will be posting the cover image of my book when i have it. Can’t wait. Thanks, again.

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