Is it the “perfect” time to write yet? Not Likely…

The hard truth is there is no “perfect” time in the day to write a novel. The perfect time can’t be scheduled either as there are always distractions especially unexpected ones like family emergencies. It is, however, not the distractions you have to change, it’s you. You can’t always control your environment you can control yourself and how you react to the “noise” around you.


Wake up earlier

Most of the distractions from writing your novel comes from the business of the day whether it’s school, kids, work, or hanging out with friends and family. Waking up two hours earlier every day provides a solid work time before the day begins.

This has a lot to do with proper time management. If you don’t have free time already make some. Waking up earlier is making time as well as staying up late. Treat every downtime part of your day as an opportunity to write even if it’s only brainstorming.

  •  Tell people you need your private time

Telling your close friends and family about your writing project can be used to your advantage. Most likely they’ll listen and give you the time and privacy you ask for. If they don’t respect your wishes, resort back to making time for yourself by starting your day earlier or ending your night later.

I tell my family ahead of time that I will be writing for an hour or tell them upon their ‘interruption’.  It’s better to say what you want opposed being quiet and hoping for what you want to come. In this cause, what you want is time alone to think and write.

  •  Turn off the phone and TV

I love my cell phone and I love watching TV but I also remember I love writing a lot too. Cutting off the phone fights the urge of looking at it every 10 seconds while writing. This goes for watching TV or any other entertainment as well.

This one is very hard for me to do but it’s necessary to avoid distractions. I get distracted very easily so this tip is really something to work at as simple as it may seem.

  •  Get to a quiet place

 Sometimes getting away from it all may be the only thing that can solve being distracted. Try going to a library where everyone is supposed to be quiet or the park to help find inspiration. Any place where you know you won’t be bothered with the problems of the outside world is a good place to write.

However, don’t be so secluded that you lock yourself away and can’t find outside inspiration. Some authors find inspirations to write from their everyday life and consider their life a vital part of their creativity.

When you take it upon yourself to find time to write instead of waiting for the time to find you, you really are taking the next step to being an effective writer. I had to learn this You-find-the-time The-time-doesn’t-find-you technique when I didn’t write anything unless everything around me was perfect.

I hope this advice takes you further on your writing journey. Please let me know what you think and add any other tips you already use for avoiding distractions in the comments. Keep writing 🙂

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