DESIRES is an urban romance erotica novel that will seduce you from the first chapter, leaving you hot, satisfied and aching to read it again and again. Step into Desires’ world where she does what she wants, when she wants with whomever she wants… Desirae is a strong, independent woman who’s suffered a world of heartache after her ex-boyfriend leaves her. Now she prefers sex with no strings attached. It’s better that way.

That is until she meets DeShawn, a handsome therapist, who lives the exact same lifestyle she has chosen. Desirae has never met a man who takes control in the bedroom like he does, and she finds herself addicted to DeShawn’s sex game, leaving her feeling hot, wet, and satisfied every time. But she can’t break her own rule and fall in love—or can she? It’d be stupid, reckless, but does she have a choice? And if she does, what path would she choose?