When Love Hurts

When Love Hurts


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When that man put his hands on me I can’t take living with him anymore. I decide to move in with my best friend Jaylen for a while. He’s a business owner with bills and problems of his own but I need him.I just can’t go back to my apartment with that man who I thought loved me. One look at my bruises tells me that love was wrong.

I’ve lost my grandmother to a heart attack, the house to foreclosure, and now I’m living in Chicago with a man I swear is cheating on me. I thought he was my soul mate but I was wrong, and now I feel…
                                                          …I just feel…



Jessica pouts her lips like a four-year-old. “I am using my head, but I’m also using my heart. Listen, Jay. I don’t expect you to understand. I just want to live my life the best way I know how.”

“With him? That’s the best way you know how? Really? You’re dumb as hell,” I say.

“I’m not dumb.” Her voice is low and firm. “I just know what I want.”

When I don’t say anything, she continues. “You have everything, you know that?” Jessica pauses to take a deep breath. “You have a place of your own, friends, family, your own business with the bar, money, and Angela. What do I have? I don’t have anything that’s really mine.”

“Jessica,” I start, but she interrupts me with teary eyes.

“No, Jay. I mean, you don’t realize how much I . . . look at you and Angela. Look what you guys have, and think about what I have. I want a relationship like yours. One that will last long, and one that will give me a companion that really understands me for me. You guys don’t worry about anything, and you guys are so in love that I can’t believe we even . . ” Her voice trails off. “I’m still leaving,” Jessica concludes.


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