From Best Selling Author of “When Love Hurts” comes part 2 of the dramatic love story.

Jessica has survived her abusive relationship with Chris, but now she’s pregnant with his child. After being thrown out of his apartment and being left homeless, Jessica is determined to keep her independence from him. Even if it means being temporarily dependent on her two best friends Jaylen and his brother Malcolm.

But Jessica has another problem. When Jessica’s baby is born Chris refuses to claim he’s the father and Jessica now has to prove that he is. But what happens when the paternity test come back and it’s not what anyone expected? Is it possible that she could be wrong about true father of her child?

Turn the pages and join Jessica as she tries to keep her life from falling into shambles all over again.

Fun Fact:

The entire titles of the Jaylen and Jessica series spells out a sentence…

When Love Hurts I Won’t Cry, We’ll Make it Through No Matter What.