Book 1

Ever since her grandmother died on the day of her high school graduation, Jessica never had a family. Now she’s grown up and has fallen in love with a man named Chris that she thought was her soul mate. But she was wrong. When she discovers evidence of Chris’ infidelity she confronts him. One thing leads to another and she leaves his place battered and bruised. She goes into the home of her childhood friend Jaylen who isn’t much of a child anymore with a growing business and bills of his own.She takes this time to confront her life, her situation and her overwhelming need for love. But will her need for love be too strong to resist when Chris shows up looking for her?

“I love this book…I couldn’t put this book down!”
-honesty (reader/reviewer)

“This book was a good read that I did not want to end! This book had my heart racing!”
-Cecilia (reader/reviewer)

“Omg this book was a pleasant surprise.”

Author’s Note:

This is the first book in the Jaylen and Jessica series. It was my heart and passion because it’s been a long dream of mine to create this book. One of the things I really enjoy about this story is the love between all the main characters and the genuine relationships that gets established and spreads throughout the series.

If you’re into drama, love, and good old urban fiction then this is the book for you!

Fun Fact:

The entire titles of the Jaylen and Jessica series spells out a sentence…

When Love Hurts I Won’t Cry, We’ll Make it Through No Matter What.