4 Tips To Reduce Writers’ Stress

Everyone, including writers, can become stressed with their work. And why wouldn’t they?

Being creative can take a lot out of anybody especially if ideas aren’t flowing through easily. Most writers have day jobs, some might have kids, and some may even have a job and be in school at the same time.

Too much stress is not good.

We’ve all heard it before. Stress can be a gateway to serious conditions such as high blood pressure so it’s important we as writers relieve as much stress as we can through our writing careers.

Writers are under a lot of pressure. Sometimes we have the urge to write, but experience writer’s block or worries of not making enough to live off of.

Here are ways you can reduce stress as a writer:

1. Breathe

No matter how hectic your schedule may be or how slow your work in progress is going take, give a moment each day and focus on your breathing.

You’d be amazed how short your breathing becomes when you’re stressed out. Take long deep breaths and meditate in a quiet room or space. If you don’t have a quiet space, close your eyes and create the space in your head. Be creative if you have to.

2. Take A Day Away From Your Work

This may be controversial but getting away from the source that’s making you stress may be a good idea in the long run. Treat it as a vacation and even writers need one of those.

You can take a day off, a week or however long you want. Remember to come back to it and take notes on exactly what you want to work on when you get back. Writing is a job and should be treated with the benefit of a vacation as well.

3. Focus On The Small Things In Your Work That Make Up The Big Picture

It may be a better idea to focus on the small things first because they’re easier to manage.  We as writers don’t always have to start big but we can work our way up one step at a time.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with getting everything done at once. That’s too much pressure for anyone and nobody should have to put more on themselves than they can handle.

4. Don’t Create More Stress

Be realistic about what you can do and in what time frame. Don’t try to be a super writer and make yourself stress out when you don’t have to.

I hope these tips helped and if you would like to also add a way to reduce stress for writers fell free to do so in the comments. Thanks for reading and please subscribe to the blog!


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