How To Become More Productive In Your Writing


Getting stuff done.

But how do you get stuff done? How do really accomplish what you want? I’ve faced this problem growing up and I used to consider myself the procrastinating queen. But I’ve decided to take these steps to move my career in writing forward dramatically.

Here’s what you can do to propel your productivity:

Step 1: Set long-term goals

You have to ask yourself what do you want to achieve in your career. Think big and aim high so you will always have something to work towards throughout your career journey.

One of my long-term goals is being the best fiction writer in the world (modest?). This goal will keep propelling me throughout my career and keep me aiming high in everything I do.

Create a big enough goal that will always keep you wanting to better yourself and move ahead. If your goal is to be a New Times Best Selling author 5 years running then you give yourself a reason to write everyday. Set high goals that gives you motivation.

Step 2: Set short-term goals

Short term goals are shorter things you can accomplish. The key thing is that your short-term goals contribute in some way to your long-term goals.

Think of it as a step-ladder towards your long time goals. For example, my long goal of being the best fiction author I have a short-term goal of writing 1,000 words each day and reading a book every week. This is something tangible and something I can measure to see if I’m accomplishing it or not.

Short term goals are great for giving yourself a deadline. These goals propel you to take the next step.

Want to become more productive? Here’s how you can start:


Make a list of big long-term goals you want to achieve in your lifetime.


For each goal, come up with a list of easy things you can do now that gets you one baby step closer to that goal.


Accomplish one thing everyday.


Reread your goals periodically to keep yourself motivated and striving for the best.


Never give up

You’ll be surprise how many people give up on their dreams right before they make a breakthrough. Don’t let this be you. Keep fighting for your dreams and I’ll be right here fighting too.


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In the meantime keep writing!

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