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How to Capture Your Reader’s Attention With Chapter One

Post originally written on 4th of July Hi to you and happy Fourth of July! I thought I’d write a post before enjoying the festivities of the fourth. So, in this post we will talk about capturing your reader’s attention so they will want to read the rest of your book without stopping and thinking […]

How Your Characters See themselves vs How Others See Them

You have a spunky, smart attitude, adolescence character who thinks he knows everything under the sun but his parents see him as a lonely teen looking for friends. So what’s really his personality? How do the readers see him as a character? What is your impression of this boy after knowing what his parents thinks […]

Find Your Character’s Voice

As a writer/narrator you have your own personal voice but mastering your character’s voice is something that may take a little experimenting. Why is finding your character’s voice important? It gives your character’s  their own way of standing out. Have you ever read a book and the characters sounds just alike? They don’t really stand […]