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Give Your Romance Characters The Best Chemistry

What is chemistry? Chemistry between your characters, just like humans, involves an undeniable and uncontrollable connection. It’s what makes your readers want to keep reading. They want to see if your characters will end up together and the journey they face. Here’s the trend I’ve notice with romance novels: I love romance novels and I […]

How to Capture Your Reader’s Attention With Chapter One

Post originally written on 4th of July Hi to you and happy Fourth of July! I thought I’d write a post before enjoying the festivities of the fourth. So, in this post we will talk about capturing your reader’s attention so they will want to read the rest of your book without stopping and thinking […]

Does Your Character’s Voice Stand Out?

As the writer/narrator you have your own personal voice but mastering your character’s voice is something that may take a little experimenting. Why is finding your character’s voice important? It gives your character’s  their own way of standing out. Have you ever read a book and the characters sounds just alike? They don’t really stand […]

5 Traits and Skills You Should Build Before Starting Your Novel

Everyone should have a good mindset going on before starting a novel. It’s a tough world out there and once people, strangers, start looking at your work, not all of them are going to say nice things. Not to mention the hard work it takes just to write the novel in the first place. So […]

5 Steps to Creating a Great Antagonist Character

This week on the blog I started a character development theme aimed to help you improve on developing important characters in your novel. In this post I will be sharing my ways to create an antagonist that is believable, realistic, and a genuine threat to your protagonist. Why? Antagonists gives the story conflict and without […]

Why You Should Kill Your Writing Perfectionism Today

Do you suffer from writing perfectionism? Do you stay on a chapter or a paragraph for days, weeks, or even months until that first draft is “perfect”? Well to be fair I think we all find ourselves doing this to some extent. In today’s post, I’ll teach you why it’s important to keep moving on […]