Why You Should Write What You Love But Make It Good

I think we have all fallen for the trap of wanting to write what’s popular or what would give us the most attention or financial gain. If you haven’t that’s good for you! But if you have ever questioned your book’s topic because it wasn’t mainstream I have some advice to share. Keep reading!

The truth is that not everyone will like the genre you’ve chosen to write about. But the good news is that you’re not writing for those people!

You’re writing for the groups of people who would enjoy your genre/topic, who would be interested in reading your book.

Those people are your true target audience!

If you have a special or unique topic that is not very mainstream but is more of a niche, that is good! Uniqueness stands out and you can narrow in your marketing because you’ll know the exact kind of people who would like your book (probably people like you).

So it’s definitely okay to write what you love because there are people who will enjoy it even if it’s not everyone.

Writing to please other people will eventually make you miserable.

If you are doing something everyday that you don’t enjoy doing then of course it will make you unhappy. When it comes to writing you don’t want to lose your passion by writing topics or genre just to please someone else. This is your life, remember, and you are the one living it. You are the one doing the hard writing, not them. So write what you love and be proud of it.

What matters more than the topic/genre is the high quality. Just because you are in control of whatever you want to write doesn’t mean the quality is allowed to suck.

As a professional, you want to produce the best product you can so that your readers can have a great experience with your work. This means going all out on revisions and edits so that your readers will keep coming back for more. It’s not the topic/genre that makes the story good, it’s the effort you put into it to make it the best it can be. Trust me, it’ll show!

Do you write in a genre that’s not really mainstream? Please let me know in the comment section below and thanks for reading!


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