4 Ways to Not be Boring With Your Writing

Who says you can’t create creativity?  Let’s face it. Some people are just not born creative or sometimes our creative juices just run low. So, what do we do then? Sit around and wait for inspiration to come to us like a sudden act of the universe granting our wish of a creative idea? Um..no.

We have to take charge of our creativity and exercise it. When you’re stuck in a creative rut, use these tips to help you get back on track.

1. Omit Words That’s A Bore

Using the same words over and over makes your readers and probably yourself bore yourself. Try new ways of being creative by not using the same common words to describe something. For example, try describing a forest without using the words: brown, green, tree, or very.

Thinking of different words can create a better picture in your readers’ head. This will keep your mind sharp and will go beyond what other writers use. Be ahead of the competition!

2.  Eliminate The Sense of Sight.

Try describing your favorite room without using sight details like ‘there’s a 52 inch tv’ or ‘a queen size bed in the room’. Using the other four senses add more vision to your work than you think. For example, you can say you hear Family Guy playing in the room and feel the plushness of the carpet beneath your feet when you walk in.

It’s true what they saw when you lose one of your senses the other senses are heightened.

3. The Random Game

This is a game I made up to get my creative ideas flowing. First, I pick a topic. Then I pick another topic more random than the first topic. The topic can’t be similar in any way. For example, I’ll think of ‘House,’ then I’ll think of the ‘temperature of the North Pole’.

Then from ‘North Pole’ I’d think of ‘bubble gum on the bottom of my shoe’. And so on and so forth. But remember the topics or ideas can’t relate to one another in any way and have to be totally random!

The goal of this game is to enhance your creativity spark by being able to come up with different things that don’t relate. It wakes your brain up and come up with your own serious ideas that no has yet to think of.

4. Learn From The Best

I love reading books by my favorite authors and trying works by authors just to see how they tell their stories. This jump starts my creativity and it could jump-start yours.

Pay attention to the little things they say that you find interesting. Could you twist it up and make a book about it. What would you have done differently that the author didn’t do?

There is a whole umbrella of areas to improve your creativeness, but you have to start somewhere so I hope I at least covered the basic creative.

Please let me know your tricks to get your creativity flowing in the comments section and please subscribe to the blog I appreciate your support.

Thanks and Happy Writing!


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